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Tyler Hubbard channels a dance party with his kids into his latest hit


Tyler Hubbard‘s put out five albums as part of Florida Georgia Line, but now he steps into the spotlight by himself as his self-titled debut solo album arrives.

Among the mammoth record’s 18 tracks are his first solo #1, “5 Foot 9,” and his latest hit, “Dancin’ in the Country.” He wrote it with recent tour mate Keith Urban and a couple of A-list songwriters.

“Keith and Ross [Copperman] really kinda dove into the music side of things,” Tyler recalls. “And Keith was doing what he does with his guitar, and he picked up the bass. And he just kinda brought this song to life and inspired me and Jon [Nite], who were really kinda working on lyric.”

“It was a very collaborative effort,” he adds, “but they were definitely honing in on the music and just had a lot of fun.”

Ultimately, “Dancin'” was inspired by the fun Tyler often has with his three children.

“I just told the guys, I said, ‘I wanna write something that feels fun and makes you wanna dance, you know?'” he remembers. “And this was at a time where — we’re still doing this — where we have dance parties with my kids every night. So I wanted some more material for that, something that just made you feel good.”

There are no doubt more parties on the horizon for Tyler, who’ll turn 36 on Tuesday, January 31, the same day he’s scheduled to sing on ABC’s Good Morning America.