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Dierks Bentley finds the “Gold” in everyday life in his free-wheeling, outdoorsy new video


Dierks Bentley spotlights working-class freedom in the music video for his current single, “Gold,” which he put out this week.

The video follows a guy who’s been working hard for months in order to live out a dream: We see him quit his job, sell all his stuff in a yard sale, put his house on the market and speed off in his truck, his dog riding shotgun.

If you keep tabs on Dierks’ favorite vacation destinations, it’ll come as no surprise that the guy in the video is driving toward the great outdoors. We see him mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and taking in a breathtaking waterfall view throughout the video.

“The treatment for this music video almost wrote itself,” Dierks says in a statement. “‘Gold’ is an optimistic reality check. I think we all wrestle with trying to get through the rocky parts of life and on to the next thing, but there are lots of special moments to cherish even in the middle of the tough stuff.”

And even after ditching his everyday life for an expedition out in the forest, the guy in the video doesn’t have an entirely idyllic time of it: In one scene, he tries and fails to light a fire with a flint — so he pulls out his trusty lighter instead.

“Gold” previews Dierks’ upcoming 10th album, which he’s planning to put out next year.