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Zac Brown Band showcases a veteran’s struggles in “Someone I Used to Know” video


Zac Brown Band doesn’t want fans to take their new music video for “Someone I Used to Know” lightly. The clip stars actor Alexander Ludwig of Hunger Games as a football star turned army recruit who gets injured on the battlefield. His life takes a drastic turn as he struggles with depression.

“I think the holidays are a time when people feel a lot of pressure, and I think it’s good to remind everybody that it’s okay to be human,” frontman Zac Brown tells People magazine. “It’s okay to ask for help.”

“One of our big missions at Camp Southern Ground is helping veterans transition to battle and transition them back home from battle,” he says of his non-profit organization. “I feel like we owe our veterans a lot and we’ve got an amazing program going here at camp to help them find meaning after their service is done or to find a path that fits their strengths and their passions and help them to be more fulfilled in their civilian lives after they’ve given so much. We try to give back as much as we can.”

In the video for “Someone I Used to Know,” the Army veteran eventually reaches out to those around him about his demons and finds help. That’s the message Zac hopes viewers take in.

“I write songs about my life and things that are real a lot of times,” Zac says. “This is one of those songs that’s just honest and raw and real. I hope it can encourage some other people to be vulnerable so that they can be better.”