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“Lady”: Brett Young enlists two very special co-stars in his family-focused new music video


Anyone who’s heard the lyrics of Brett Young’s newest single, “Lady,” won’t be surprised to learn that the song’s music video is a family affair. He wrote the tune as a love tribute to his wife, Taylor, and their infant daughter, Presley.

In fact, the song is so personal that the first few seconds of the track include a recording of the first time Brett heard his then-unborn child’s heartbeat, during Taylor’s pregnancy. Brett wrote the song as a private gift for his family, but decided to release it officially after debuting it at a live show and seeing the fans’ powerful reactions.

Now, Brett underscores the importance of his family ties in the music video for “Lady,” which he premiered this week.

Brett hangs out with his family in the clip, which features plenty of adorable close-up shots of baby Presley’s smile. Together, the proud parents hang out by the pool, hug and cuddle their young daughter.

“‘Lady’ is easily one of the most special songs I’ve ever written,” the singer explained when he first shared the song. “I always knew I would want to write songs for my children, but didn’t realize the inspiration would come so quickly, before my daughter was even born.”

Brett and Taylor welcomed baby Presley last October.