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“If I Was a Bar”: Matt Stell drinks away his heartbreak in hard-rocking new tune


Matt Stell’s new song, “If I Was a Bar,” is a rip-roaring kiss-off to an ex. In the song, Matt fantasizes about what kind of bar he might be if he were a bar, dreaming up the perfect venue to repel his former lover.

“I’d have every kind of whiskey/And that one red wine you don’t like/The kind of place you’d never be caught dead inside,” he sings in the first verse of the song.

When he shared the song this week, Matt commented on social media that he loved the tune from the very first time he heard it.

“It’s a fun, loud country song made to be played live in front of a rowdy crowd,” he wrote. “I’ve been looking forward to sharing this song with people since the day I cut it. This is gonna be one of the first songs we play the second we can turn our guitars up and rock out.”

Matt may still have to wait a while longer until it’s safe to play the song in front of a live crowd of fans, but in the meantime, he’s found a creative way to get around social distancing restrictions in the music video for “If I Was a Bar.”

The clip takes viewers through a typical night out at a local watering hole, with a twist: Matt plays every role. We see him tending bar, sitting on a stool giving advice to a fellow drinker — also himself — and playing every instrument in the bar’s house band. The many Matts take turns easing each other’s heartbreaks and offering advice throughout the video.

Matt first found country radio success with his breakout chart-topping hit, “Prayed for You,” in 2018.