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“Hey World”: Lee Brice tunes out the news cycle and takes a break in his powerful new ballad


Lee Brice’s emotional new ballad, “Hey World,” feels like it was written specifically for these tumultuous, uncertain times. In fact, it was: Lee and his co-writers penned the track in late March, as the COVID-19 pandemic was escalating.

“We wrote this song from an introspective, truthful place and probably what most people were actually feeling right now,” comments Lee, adding that the heart of the song is its plea to the world to stop moving, if only for a moment.

“With everything that is happening in the world currently and how fast-paced we are as a society in general, sometimes you just want everything to stop — just to appreciate what you have. People are suffering and it can’t be ignored,” he adds.

The song’s music video was shot in Lee’s Nashville home and focuses on solitude, with Lee simply performing the song at a piano in a dark room.

“Hey World” follows the new single “One of Them Girls,” which Lee sent to country radio last month. The singer has said that he’s working on his next album from quarantine, taking advantage of his at-home studio and DIY skills in order to continue making music.