It’s your chance to win up to 500 in Y Country Dollars playing “Bing – Bang – Boom Trivia”.  When you hear the Bing – Bang – Boom Trivia winning sound just be caller number one to collect 20 in Y Country Dollars.  When we get you on the air we will ask you a trivia question and if you get it right – you get 50 in Y Country Dollars.  There is a total of 10 questions on the way to 500, each worth 50 in Y Country Dollars and if you get a question right you can stop and take the money you’ve earned at any time.  Now remember that the 50 dollar climb to 500 in Y Country Dollars has a risk – get a question wrong and you go BUST, back to the 20 in Y Country Dollars you got for being caller number one.   Be listening each morning at 7:15am for Brian Ross and Cowboy Bob to give you all the times that we will play Bing – Bang – Boom Trivia that day on Siouxland’s Country Variety  Y1013.

Contest rules:   Each contestant will have 7 seconds to answer a trivia question correctly.   Due to company contest rules and the fact that every Bing, Bang Boom Trivia contestant wins at least 20.00 Y Country Dollars.  You can only play Bing Bang Boom Trivia one time on Y1013.