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Kip Moore kicks off his “In the Wild Sessions” with scenic,...

Kip Moore has launched an acoustic video series called the “In the Wild Sessions,” giving new perspective on the songs on his upcoming album, Wild World,...

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  • Nebraska Cattlemen’s group calls for DOJ investigation of packer practices
    by Ken Anderson on April 8, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    The Nebraska Cattlemen’s organization is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate evidence of fraudulent business practices within the beef packing industry. Executive vice president Pete McClymont tells Brownfield requesting a DOJ investigation is a significant move, but a necessary one, given the market’s response to the COVID-19 situation and windfall profits for beef packers. “We want them to make money but, by gosh, we’re on the short end of the stick and we don’t see it changing,” McClymont says. ...     &nbs […]

  • Eighty employees test positive at Smithfield pork plant in Sioux Falls
    by Ken Anderson on April 8, 2020 at 9:24 pm

    More than 80 employees of the Smithfield Foods’ pork processing plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have tested positive for the coronavirus. South Dakota’s health secretary says the Smithfield plant is one of the businesses identified as a “hot spot” in the state. She said health officials are working closely with the company to make sure they are following the proper guidelines. The Sioux Falls plant has 36-hundred employees. When asked if plant operations are being affected by the virus, a Smithfield spokeswoman told Brownfield the company does not comment on the daily operations of its processing facilities. ...     &nbs […]

  • Milk futures down, cash dairy mostly higher Wednesday
    by Mark Dorenkamp on April 8, 2020 at 9:13 pm

    May Class III milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange limit down 75 cents at $11.83.  June 54 lower at $13.26.  July through September three to 42 cents lower. Dry whey up $0.01 at $0.34. Blocks unchanged at $1.1275. Barrels down $0.0350 at $1.0650.  Five trades were made, ranging from $1.0650 to $1.1125. Butter up $0.0350 at $1.30.  Three trades made at $1.30. Nonfat dry milk up $0.0050 at $0.9050. ...     &nbs […]

  • Re-opening Dairy Margin Coverage enrollment draws mixed reactions
    by Larry Lee on April 8, 2020 at 9:13 pm

    With the dairy industry in crisis because of coronavirus market shifts, there have been discussions about re-opening the Dairy Margin Coverage program signups.  Jeff Lyon with FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative says farmers have mixed feelings about that. “Arguments both ways is that people would say hey, everybody had a chance back in 2019 to sign up for the 2020 program and that maybe we shouldn’t allow them to be in there, but I’ve had other members saying who can foresee what the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak would do to our markets.” Dairy Producer Mitch Bruenig signed up for all five years of DMC last year, and questions if reopening the program is the right thing to do. ...     &nbs […]

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